Become an EVSO® member?

The EVSO® project brings together veterinarians from many European countries.

The aim is to offer the greatest number of people the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of quality Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine as an integral part of veterinary medicine.


Why become a member?

​In order to support the action of EVSO®, you can become a member. Each member will be able to take part in the actions of the association. EVSO® undertakes to keep its members regularly informed of current actions and to promote Veterinary Osteopathy by all the means at its disposal. An up-to-date list of certified practitioners is available directly on the website.

The forms and the EVSO-B procedure will initially allow veterinarians wishing to join us to become a basic EVSO-B member.

Documents needed to obtain the EVSO-B level - membership fee: 150 euro

- The application form (online form at Join EVSO)

- A copy of the veterinary diploma (or copy of the student card if applicable)

- Current CV

The former EVSO-C certification will be redefined by the implimentation of the Project 2.0
The EVSO®-C submissions are for now on hold until the establishment of EVSO® Project 2.0, decided at the extraordinary General Assembly april 2023. 

We will give you an new update at GA 2023. 

For further details please check the EVSO Statutes - Annex 2 Membership levels