European Veterinary Society for Osteopathy

EVSO® "European Veterinary Society for Osteopathy" is a non-profit association created to promote Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine in Europe.

EVSO® is an active association that wants to offer:

To its members

Continuing education opportunities at university level sometimes in collaboration with European Universities.

On the occasion of its Annual General Meeting, EVSO® organizes every two years a two-day congress and alternatively one year out of two a congress / day of continuous training of a single day. These congresses have mostly places in universities. In 2015 the congress was hosted by the Free University of Berlin; in 2016 the University of Liège; in 2017 the veterinary school of Lyon VetAgro Sup and in 2018 it took place at the University of Zurich.

EVSO® also offers its members a website which gathers all the information concerning the members, all information concerning the continuous training, research and scientific literature.

EVSO® wants to set up a communication and advertising policy for its members at national and European level. It visits European Universities to explain and promote Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine.

To allopathic veterinarians(not trained in Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine)

A fraternal collaboration as well as the possibility of discovering Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine.

Every year (see above), EVSO® organizes a half-day introduction to Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine in "pre-congress". Allopathic veterinarians interested in the subject, students and collaborators of the Universities are invited. Such half-days will also be scheduled in other European Universities annually.

To pet owners

The possibility to present their animals, big and small, for consultations in Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine to competent veterinarians.

We remind you that only veterinarians have all the necessary skills to establish a precise osteopathic medical diagnosis and a differential diagnosis.

A precise listing of our members can be found on our website.