Austrian Veterinary School of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

The AVSOP is an educational academy for veterinarians in Austria. We offer further training on the topics of osteopathy and physiotherapy.

We attach great importance to international speakers who have a lot of practical experience and can pass this on well. The courses require basic knowledge that veterinarians have acquired during their studies. The AVSOP builds on this and conveys osteopathic and physiotherapeutic knowledge in theory and practice at an international level.

The academy was founded in 2018 by Dipl. Tzt. Gabriela Klarner. Since then, we have been offering a basic course with 11 modules and various advanced courses every year, which participants can choose after the basic training individually according to animal species, working technique or personal preference.

The training teaches according to the French school and offers the entire spectrum of osteopathy from purely structural to purely energetic techniques. The training courses in physiotherapy are always to be seen as an optimal supplement to manual therapy and are also offered in this context. We see both directions as an extension of the spectrum of conventional medical training.

The basic training includes 11 modules, each of which lasts from Friday to Sunday and impart theoretical knowledge as well as enabling direct application to patients. For this purpose, both dogs and horses are available as patients on every course weekend. Under the supervision of the speakers, the participants can immediately put what they have learned into practice and thus begin to gain their experience. The aim is for each participant to get to know many techniques over the course of the training year, to train their palpation skills and to create their own private scale.

  • Kafkastrasse 9
  • 1020 Wien, Österreich