Equine and Canine Myofascial Kinetic Lines - Dr Rikke Schulz 9th of June 18h

9th June 18h

Equine and Canine Myofascial Kinetic Lines - Dr Rikke Schulz 9th of June 18h

In this webinar the following will be described during 3-3,5h:

Fascia in general with its 3D web and biomechanical properties. The background for the Myofascial Kinetic Lines, the anatomy of each line and their function and dysfunction in standing posture and in motion. As well as treatment options and implementation into osteopathic practice.

CV for Rikke Mark Schultz, DVM

2022 – Four years advanced homeopathy for vets/humans, Dynamis Ireland.
2021 – Publication of “Equine Myofascial Kinetic Lines” with Vibeke S. Elbrønd, DVM and Tove Due, DVM.
2013-2016 Three years homeopathic veterinary education, FIVM, Denmark
2013 – Ongoing fascia research on the University of Copenhagen (KU-SUND) in the “Biomechanic research 
2013 Research project on diagnostic tests, for horses with cervical hypomobility part of Master study by 
Bournemouth University, UK.
2011-13 Research project: ”Myofascial chains in horses- an anatomical dissection study”, KU-SUND with
Ass. Prof. Vibeke S. Elbrønd.
2010 – Master study at Anglo-European College of Chiropractic Care, Bournemouth University, UK.
2006 – Continuous education in the osteopathic functional indirect technique by Patricia Kortekass, PT, 
Oregon, USA.
2006 - Private Equine Practice with complementary medicine acupuncture and osteopathy
2003- 2005 Published the books “Understand Your Icelandic Horse” (Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, English) 
and “Understand your Riding Horse” (Danish) on horses behavioural reactions to pain and about 
2003 Postgraduate course in canine and equine chiropractic care in Liege, Belgium by Prof. Kevin Haussler, 
Cornell University, USA.
2003 Osteopathy exam by the International School of Equine Osteopathy by Pascal Evrard, D.O.
2000 Study visits at Dr. Allen Schoen, Connecticut and Dr. Joyce Harman, USA
1997 – 2006 Employee in Hoersholm Equine Practice, Denmark
1997 International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) exam
1992 – 1997 Private mixed practice in Iceland
1992 DVM from the Royal Danish Veterinary School
1986 -1992 Veterinary student
1989 Rider at the Danish Team at the European Championship for Icelandic Horses
1988 -1991 Board member and chairwoman in the Danish Icelandic Horse Breeding