Head dysfunctions in newborn calves - Webinar with Karine Troitzky 6th of September 2022 (ENGLISH)

6th of September 20h

Webinar via Zoom - 1h presentation 15min questions - bovine subject

Head dysfunctions in newborn calves :

There is no medical treatment for newborn calves with sucking difficulties. Unfortunatelly, many calves die in dairy or beef cattles because they can’t be fed.

How osteopathy can help ?

Most of the time, calves suffer from biomecanical dysfunctions because of birth (position in uterus, caesarean). The gentle application of osteopathic treatment can often bring about a significant improvement. I will share with you my way to use palpation to examine the calf and confirm what areas need to be treated, and how to do it.

For more information on this webinar contact: contact@evso.eu - slides will be provided after the webinar

Learning objectives :

  • To understand why treating suckling problems is essential in cattle
  • To learn osteopathic techniques to treat suckling problems in newborn calf 

For certification a MCQ will be provided after the webinar

CV for Karine Troitzky, DMV, osteopathy, phytotherapy 

When I met cows at the veterinary school, I knew it would be my field of practice. Since 2010, I try to do my best to help animals being more confortable, fisrt as a cattle veterinarian, and since 2016 as an osteopath. Animal welfare is my main goal in my daily practice, and bulls are my favorite patients