11 February 2024
From the Hands to the Mind

The EVSO scientific working group is established!

The aim of the group:1. Increasing awareness of the scientific background of manual techniques and the knowledge that we use in our daily osteopathic practice.

2. Supporting and/or providing ideas to carry on (clinical) studies or surveys with later presentations of the results to the vet community in osteopathic related and/or unrelated meetings.

In the scientific newsletter "From the Hands to the Mind" we will regularly present you scientific literature.
The topics are related to osteopathy and/or have an impact on the human, small, or large animal osteopathic field.The full article, if available, or the link to PubMed will be provided in the bibliography section of our webpage.In addition, our webpage (EVSO) will regularly feature new links to scientific literature. Check it to satisfy your curiosity!

We need you!
The group is open to all of you – we have the vision to grow together!!Get in touch for any scientific content you would like to share with us AND we want to see all of you as a participant in our regular meetings! Please send your request to scientific@evso.eu.

We hope you enjoy this journey, and we thank you in advance for your enthusiastic support. Do not hesitate to contact us and join us; we need you!

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