30 June 2024
Webinar 9.9.2024 - Kinesiology Taping A complementary tool for osteopathic treatment

We are happy to announce the next webinar in 2024 with Dr. Isabelle BURGAUD 

Date: 9.9.2024
Time: 20h (CET)

Isabelle is a doctor of veterinary medicine, graduated in 2006 as a french DIE in veterinary osteopathy and in 2018 as a DE in kinesiology, physiotherapy and readaptation of horses. 

She is an EVSO-C graduate and veterinarian for the french vaulting team since 2012.

The EVSO team feels very happy and proud to have Isabelle as a speaker for the september webinar! 

Isabelle will cover in her webinar questions about: 

What is kinesiology taping?
How does it work?
How can we use it on animals especially in horses and combine it with an osteopathic treatment ?

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